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The acting intensive

This is a workshop that covers techniques like Meisner Repetition, Susan Batson Technique and transformational work like taught by Bernard Hiller. 

This is a workshop that covers the basics of acting training as well as advanced techniques how to become a truthful actor by diving deep into the mind of the actor and finding their true power as an artist.


Day 1: Spring


Introduction what to your perspective in acting is:


  • "Need", "tragic flaw' and “public persona”

  • Explanation of the personal process: the personal private,  the ritual,  Phonecall, lost and found, animal,and animal in place of defeat. An actor has the duty to create  a living, breathing ,walking, talking human being

  • The idea of circumstance

  • The five Ws of acting: Who, what, when, where and why

  • Introduction to the Sanford Meisner repetition technique of “truthful acting”

  • What is meant by inside and outside?




  • Introduction to psychological gestures á la Michael Chekhov: Pull, push, lift, tear and smack

  • Beat breakdown of acting together with all other class members

  • The importance of improvisation, i.e. listening and always saying yes


Day 2: We´re Experimental


Learn the following techniques:


  • From theory to practice. Let´s enact what we have learned (review) The Stanov method

  • Further vital techniques: Flying, surfing, staccato, legato, molding

  • I feel, how: Angry, sad, I’m hiding, I forgive, from now on I will...

  • Introduction to Qigong and Zen Meditation: Authentic passed on knowledge from a Shaolin Monk

  • Flexibility and limitless energy


Day 3: Deep Dive into the Inner Self


You will learn the following methods:


  • Understanding the deeper self

  • Journey to the need validation which means awareness  about the sensationin the body and where in the body combine with understanding your bodies intuition reconnecting to your body. 

  •  You know as far as you can go if you go as far as you can go.

  • 5c’s of script: Circumstance, confilt, point of crisis, climax, conclusion. 

Day 4: You are getting set for your Journey


  • The power of 80/20 and 51/49 rules which will change your (acting) life I wish I’d be more... no negative habits. The mind runs on evidence

  • Pain is resisting the truth and a signal for change. You are authentic when you are powerful and happy, also inside and outside. 

  • How do I see myself and how much do I love myself? The more I love myself the more I am willing to do for myself

  • Body posture via NLP

  • The positive and negative of the dream Illusion of safety

  • You cannot get the life you want if you don’t like the life you have. The ten needs.


Philipp Caesar is experienced actor trainer and coach. He has received a decade of professional trainings in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and Munich. Acting workshops include e.g. world class Susan Batson and Bernard Hiller. Methods include: Chekhov, Meisner and many more.



Bilingual teaching: English and German. 


Philipp J. Caesar: “I am fulfilled with pride when my students or private coaching clients get a manager, an agent or book a job. But even more so is the case when I am approached by a parent who tells me that their youngster’s teachers have commented on how much more confident, articulate and focused they are at school or university and how their marks have improved. These are great skills of life that anyone can learn.”



Workshop cost: 350 Euros