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Overview of Modern Day Scripts – English and German - authored 

by Philipp J. Caesar


  • Soulmates:

A Play about Love and Deceit

  • Perfect Life

  • Due to Dreams

  • #Heartsspark: 69 Poems and Love Letters


  • Wehe der Wahrheit 

  • Das Perfekte Leben


“Soulmates: A Play about Love and Deceit”

Award of Merit Winner of the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, official selection at the New York Movie Award, the Florence Film Award and the Rome Prisma Festival as well as Semifinalist at the Rhode Island Film Festival all in 2020.



Per definition a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust.

Arthur and Elizabeth – our Soulmates - get to know each other at a party of a very rich film producer. Both single, they have big plans for the future and dream about Hollywood careers. 

Arthur, who is a very spiritual individual, a gifted actor, poet and singer, senses a feeling of love for Elisabeth, which quickly deepens and grows. Also, Elizabeth is longing for love inside her heart. 

It seems like both have found the perfect partner in each other. Arthur is deeply struck by Elizabeth which he processes with his poetry. 

We get to know deep insights of Elizabeth and Arthur. Is this reality or is it all a dream? The more they get to know each, the greater the intimacy the more conflicts arise between them. Are they really soulmates? 

Does Elizabeth really love Arthur? At least she explicitly says so and continually wants to prove her deep love to Arthur. Arthur is confused turns desperate and even considers jumping off a cliff in a state of drunkenness. 

We meet Arthur and Elizabeth in bars, at home in Arthur´s bedroom, outside on a bridge, on the road and in many, many other settings. We listen in to their phone calls. 

Who is Arthur? We get to know him as a person with deep feelings who needs to meditate and practice his daily routine and who is Elizabeth? Is it love or does she have other motives?

Will they find together with the continuous fights they have? How similar are they really? Can they find a ground of respect and loyalty?

This is a story about love, romance, spiritual power, trust and distrust. Meet a couple fighting it out. And lastly, is Elizabeth really the person she pretends or shows to be? What do both want of each other?

Arthur is an exceptional person. We find Elizabeth in the bar, in Arthur´s bedroom. We find both very intimate, we find both can use their intellect to express themselves... What an intense relationship! 

This is a story about poetic, deep routed, sweet and even harsh language, about respect and love, hate and abuse and about conflicts that lead to self-destruction.

How will this relationship like two very different universes which collide turn out? What relationship do you find yourself in?




“Perfect Life”

Young and attractive William in his early twenties returns home late, broke and badly wasted after another one of his regular excessive parties. The next morning his parents await him ready to question his lifestyle. They accuse him of his reckless alcohol and marijuana consummation. 

They put down bad faith that he is literally wasting his life, insinuating if he continues his treacherous path he will end up a total failure. They insist forgoing further financial support. Accusations start flying back and forth and escalate. 

Enough is enough. William can´t handle this any longer. He starts yelling, takes his key and throws it smashing a picture. Furious, he packs his bag with bare essentials and steals his parents credit card. Off he is to the train station where he rushes through a crowd to virtually hop on a train to Amsterdam.

In a coffee shop he buys three grams of the potent weed. William sees two amazing chicks, Trixi and Mandy. Trixi kisses him and he feels going from zero to hero. 

In a classy hotel with lots of champagne – paid with his parents´ credit card – the three discover a flyer of a dream holiday. Why not grab the opportunity? On they go to Passionfield to buy flight tickets. However, it turns out to be an invitation accessible by password only, which William incidentally discovers.

They board a twenty-seater plane. Off they fly with other young individuals to a destination unknown. They all start worrying and matters get even weirder once the pilot requests the passengers to swallow a red pill and announces that the flight will last four hours instead of the planned one and a half. William falls asleep and after a short while he is abruptly woken up by a strong rattling sound. He immediately realizes that the plane is badly distressed…it crashes….

The trip takes its course from exciting to secretive, then bad to worse. Truly a roller coaster from an obvious son parent conflict to a disaster. Where did the plane crash, its final destination? What´s with both girls? Who are the others?

Exciting right from the start with an unbelievable twist. Can William resolve his inner issues and challenges? Are family bonds stronger than conflicts? Buckle your safety belts and get ready for a quite a surprise flight and revelations.





“Due to Dreams”


Four energetic and bright young friends, namely William, Trixi, Stefan and Eva each have vigorous dreams as most youngsters do. However, they all have their tragic flaws and addictions.


William wants to become the greatest fighter, teacher and mentor - his weakness is smoking weed.


Trixi dreams of becoming a modern style Marylin Monroe with a pill addiction flaw. And, Stefan enjoys smoking hash, his goal is to be FREE. Eva wants to become the greatest dancer in the world. However, she is caught up smoking weed.


Their dreams are their passions. They enjoy life, weed and pills and the greatest time of their lives with plenty of excitement and above all they love partying.


In a coffee shop in Amsterdam they meet up telling each other about their wishes and dreams. They discover a flyer of a dream holiday. A trip to “Passionfield – the Ultimate Trip to Oblivion” Why not go for it? 


It´s a bus ride they will never forget. Everyone´s high and excited with awesome music and partying on board on the way to Passionfield. The bus driver tells the passengers to swallow a pill. They pass out and suddenly we witness how the driver breaks and pulls over to get out and via a remote control purposely crash the bus against a tree. William, Trixi, Stefan and Eva escape. Shots are heard. Awful sounds. All of the other ten passengers are executed by “disciples” commanded by a “leader”.


The four run off into the woods, however, they are at least 150 km from any civilization and unarmed. So, they decide to follow through and plan a counter attack. What will it be, will the plan succeed, will they survive and what becomes of their dreams? 


This is a story of a group of young individuals following through not only on their dreams but also on their survival and future. What gives them their strength, their energy given the overdominance of their enemies?


Full of twists, turns, violence and surprises, up to the very end.


“Wehe der Wahrheit: Geld statt Ehre”


In dieser actionreichen Geschichte geht es um zwei Helden und um Drogen, einen Drogenring, Frauen, Prostitution, High Society, Macht und Reichtum, Partys und Strip Shows aber auch um Kampfkünste und um einen „Krieg“ im Drogenmilieu – klassische Themen, welche jedoch durch zwei kluge und langjährige Freunde, einem Ex-Elitesoldat, Toni, und einem ehemaligen Hotelbesitzer, Bill, sehr belebt wird. Beide ergänzen sich bestens und begeben sich auf die Suche nach Abendteuer, einer Frau fürs Leben, nach Geld und einem Dach überm Kopf.


Letztendlich benötigen Toni und Bill dringend einen Job. Sie besuchen eine Bar und wollen beide den gleichen ausgeschriebenen Job antreten, den sie überraschenderweise auch aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen – ergänzenden - Fähigkeiten bekommen. 


Unsere Helden erkennen, dass es sich bei der Bar um eine Drogenring handelt und sie beschließen das Drogenkartell auf eigene Faust zu sprengen. Damit müssen sie sich jedoch tief in die Untergrund-Machenschaften des Kartells begeben. 


Durch ihre außerordentlichen Menschenkenntnisse und ihren großen Erfahrungen im Straßenkampf, schaffen Toni und Bill Vertrauen zum Kartell herzustellen…werden sie dabei aber selbst zu Kriminellen?


Von Anfang an spannend mit zahlreichen Actionszenen und authentischer, offener und unverblümter Sprache. 


Können unsere beiden Helden den Kampf gegen übermächtige Gegner gewinnen, aber auch ihren angestrebten Zukunftserfolg? 


Eine durchaus bewegende und gewaltvolle Geschichte, die die Tiefen der Drogenwelt und der Akteure originell wiedergibt.





„Das Perfekte Leben“


Der junge und attraktive Wilhelm, in seinen frühen Zwanzigern kehrt spät nach Hause, pleite und durch den Wind nach einer weiteren seiner regelmäßigen exzessiven Partys. Am nächsten Morgen erwarten ihn seine Eltern, die seine Lebensweise in Frage stellen. Sie halten ihm seinen rücksichtslosen Alkohol- und Marihuana-konsum vor. 


Sie werfen ihn auf dem Kopf, dass er buchstäblich sein Leben vergeudet, und unterstellen, dass wenn er seinen zerstörerischen Weg fortsetzt, als totaler Versager enden wird. Sie drohen damit, sämtliche weitere finanzielle Unterstützung zu streichen. Die Anschuldigungen eskalieren. 


Genug ist genug! Wilhelm kann das alles nicht länger hören. Er fängt an zu schreien, nimmt seinen Schlüssel, wirft ihn durch den Raum und zertrümmert ein Bild. Wütend packt er seine Tasche mit dem Allernötigsten und stiehlt die Kreditkarte seiner Eltern. Er begibt sich zum Bahnhof, wo er durch eine Menschenmenge hetzt, um quasi in letzter Sekunde auf einen Zug nach Amsterdam zu springen.


In einem Café kauft er drei Gramm des stärksten Grasses. Wilhelm sieht zwei süße Girls, Trixi und Mandy. Trixi küsst ihn und er fühlt sich von Null zum Helden aufsteigen. 


In einem Nobelhotel mit viel Champagner - bezahlt mit der gestohlenen Kreditkarte seiner Eltern - entdecken die drei ein Flugblatt eines Traumurlaubs. Warum nicht die Gelegenheit ergreifen? Weiter geht es nach Passionfield, um Flugtickets zu kaufen. Es stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass es sich um eine Einladung handelt, die nur durch ein Passwort, welches Wilhelm zufällig entdeckt, zugänglich ist.


Mit anderen Mitreisenden besteigen Sie ein zwanzigsitziges Flugzeug und starten zu einem unbekannten Zielort. Sie beginnen sich Sorgen zu machen. Die Lage wird noch seltsamer als der Pilot die Passagiere auffordert eine rote Pille zu schlucken und ankündigt, dass der Flug vier statt der geplanten anderthalb Stunden dauern wird. Wilhelm schläft ein, und nach kurzer Zeit wird er abrupt von einem starken Geräusch geweckt. Er merkt sofort, dass das Flugzeug schwer in Not geraten ist...es stürzt ab...


Die Reise nimmt ihren Verlauf von aufregend zu geheimnisvoll, dann von schlimm bis miserabel. Wahrlich ein Achterbahnflug von einem offensichtlichen Sohn-Eltern-Konflikt zu einer Katastrophe. Wo ist das Flugzeug abgestürzt? Wer sind die anderen?


Von Anfang an spannend mit unglaublichen Wendungen. Kann Wilhelm seine inneren Probleme und Herausforderungen lösen? Ist eine Familienbande stärker als Konflikte? 


Schnall dich an und mach dich auf einen Überraschungsflug und Enthüllungen gefasst.



And, Poetry:

#Heartsspark: 69 Poems and Love Letters


Lovers acknowledge and declare their love to one another. Every one of us has experienced or has identified with these feeling at least once in their life time.  

If we have grown close to someone, especially throughout many years, we sense a feeling of blind trust. We laugh, cry, play and carry each other. Synchronized together, there are ecstatic times, instances we act childish, sometimes as serious as tyrants and sometimes even like animals.

We argue and drift into the boundless realms of the universe as if we are the only ones: Flow-stressed, spellbound and most too often naïve. 

Not a day passes when couples in love don´t talk to each other. Not an hour, not a minute passes without lovers intensely thinking about each other.

Not too seldomly this initial high feeling of love ceases due to change of mind and attitude. 

Our faith in intense circumstances leads us towards the next level of awakening. Experiences and memories remain with us. 

Traditionally, love stories end with "and they lived happily ever after", usually leaving the real endings – the struggles of life - open. These well-known love story endings normally would mean that most couples would still be together today, which is often not the case.

The truth is, we are all individuals. We can choose the divine or we can use someone as an extension for our own insecurities. 

However, may one have departed, we all carry the love of the universe within ourselves. 

With that in mind it is up to us whether to dive into darkness or to blossom in light.   



Hi, I´m Phil and I´m film producer, actor, social media influencer, song writer, musician and trainer. 


With education and training in compassionate acting in Los Angeles, Munich, London and New York with world leading coaches such as Susan Batson (Susan Batson Studio, NY), Lisa Haisha (Soul Blazing, LA) and Bernard Hiller (Acting and Success Studio, LA), I have authored a number of scripts for theatre and films, composed and published numerous songs for versatile genres.  


Having taken many decisive routes as an artist and in successfully battling resistance to create, I have discovered that to empower the industry the artist must be empowered himself. 


My philosophy is to sincerely inspire and empower my readers and audiences to believe in themselves and in their dreams and to make these come true by consequently following through on their wishes and visions.


My ultimate goal is to help heal the world by elevating mainstream consciousness to a more compassionate and positive mindset.

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