• Philipp J. Caesar

Pain is resisting the truth

This Quote “pain is resisting the truth and it’s a signal for change” changed my life.

As I I am a method actor I have done quite a lot sense memory exercises. This exercise called the journey to the need makes you investigate past events of your life that have impacted your life deeply, in order to recall the sensation that is needed for playing the character you are playing in the film.

After a couple of years I have realized that I was still influenced by those feelings which made me feel like having a wound that would not stop bleeding.

As I then started to realize that I was resisting against all those situations that I had remembered for so many years, I made a clear list of all those situations I have remembered and needed to accept.

This gave me clarity and the ability to forgive, to move forward with a clear vision about myself and my life without being polluted or distracted by my past traumas.

Life is flow and flow is change.

And flow is good.

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